Our coaching team are dedicated individuals who have a passion for Darnall Football Academy and all the individuals involved in it. Check out our Twitter and Facebook for more updates 

Football is an incredible tool that breaks all barriers, it brings all ages, colours and backgrounds together as part of a team/club. Members have a sense of belonging: adults can engage and develop on many levels of different skills with the players, physical, social, technical and psychological. The FA four corners model applies not just in football development but in life.

Our philosophy for the Darnall Diamonds is to develop our young members into great role models and talented footballers to believe they can succeed.

Kabier Aslam

Manages – Under 14s

Mick O’Malley

Manages – Under 11s

Safi Aslam

Manages – Under 7s

Abdul Malik

Manages – Under 10s (along with Sirajul and Joglu)

Nawaz Khan

Manages Under 11s

Manya Sikombe

Manages Under 12s

Mohammed Ali Mohammed

Manages Under 13s and Under 7s

Numan Ahmed

Manages Under 9s

Darnall Fa Manager Adil Sheraz

Adil Sheraz

Manages Under 9s

Jawad Abdul Bari

Manages Under 11s

     Azar Iqbal

         Manages – Under 13s

     Jamal Aslam

         Manages – Under 9s